Psychic Profile - Meralda

Meralda Meralda00462
Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Psychic.

Meralda is a Psychic Empath of rare sensitivity, possessing a heavenly capacity for union. Articulate, highly perceptive and deeply compassionate, a reading with Meralda offers Source based understanding and spiritually accurate insight. See what's in store for your future call now

A gifted Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, Meralda’s authentic connection to the Oracle and Inner Goddess Cards’ provides for a healing and heart-based experience. Working in harmonious partnership with Spirit and possessing a deep connection with the Source, Meralda offers an energetically accurate and spiritually uplifting reading. 

Should any area of your life be presenting as a ‘challenge’ and you are seeking authentic direction, Meralda’s psychic wisdom and understanding sheds light on the path you are walking this lifetime. Her connection with the principle energy of the ‘Divine Feminine’ serves to deepen her work as guide and spiritual Listener, creating a ‘sacred space’ within the reading that facilitates healing on many levels, enlightening your understanding of your current situation, offering spiritual solace and delivering inspired direction

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