An SMS Psychic Text Reading is easy and fast

Job interview coming up soon? Just met that perfect person? Need a fast answer to a pressing question right this minute, but have no time or privacy to talk on the phone? No matter where you are and what circumstance you find yourself in, as long as you have a mobile phone number, you can text a Psychic any time, day or night. Psychic messages are sent easily and discretely to your mobile phone. No more waiting in a Psychic Reader's phone queue. This service is only available is Australia.

Psychic text Reading services are very quick and convenient. You don't require a web browser on your phone. You don't need a smart phone with email capability. SMS texting is a function that every mobile phone has.

What kind of questions can you ask in a SMS reading?

Here are some ideas about the different types of questions you could include in your message. They may range from the following:

* Love – looking for a soulmate? Is it time to move on? True love or just friends? You must include the other person’s first name and date of birth 
* Work –ask about new careers, changes, promotions 
* Travel – ask will I be going anywhere soon? Should I go on that trip?

Just a reminder that our consultants cannot answer questions that conflict with our Code of Conduct, including medical, legal, financial, health and fertility questions. 

It's easy to text a Psychic right now.

Billed to your phone account at $4.00 per message pair.

  1. On your mobile phone, compose a new text to 197 22220.
  2. Enter 'Cecelia' with your day & month of birth followed by your question. If you have questions about another person please include their first name and day & month of birth as well.

    For example: 'Cecelia 23/06 Is Bob 02/12 the right one for me?'

  3. Send your message. You will immediately receive our welcome messages and your personalised response from our team of psychics will follow shortly.

    If the welcome messages do not arrive within a few minutes, please check with your carrier to ensure that your mobile plan allows the use of premium rate services.

Users must be 18 years or older to use our phone services. All prices quoted in Australia Dollars (AUD) are inclusive of GST. Message fee charged per message up to 160 characters.

When you text a Psychic, you will be connected to a real Psychic who will give you a quick, concise, and honest answer to any question you ask. Text messaging is a more convenient way to deliver Psychic answers to you. Psychic Text Readings are short, concise, and quite inexpensive. If you are one of many people who have an incredibly busy schedule, but also enjoy spiritual readings when you need on-the-spot clarity, a Text Psychic Reading is something you should really consider. If you have not had a reading before please read Cecelia's blog to learn more about Psychic Readings.

Looking for a longer more detailed Reading than what Text can provide? Why not try a phone reading for accurate and instant answers to your questions? Visit our Phone Readings page to learn more and select your Psychic.